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"I became a persona non grata with the club because of that and as a consequence, I hardly played again. Maybe they should have waited for the diagnosis because Kohr's injury turned out to be not as serious as they first thought. But without knowing the facts, I was heavily fined and that made me feel very bad - especially for my family. For your parents to hear that you are a murderer is very tough. I've never been an aggresive player but despite that I was criminalized", he explained.

"My career had been going well until I went to Mainz. Now i can see it was a mistake to go there; it was an unhappy time for me because when you are not playing, you start believing your life is a mess. In the summer I did two months' of pre-season with them then they sent me to play with the reserves. They paid a big fee for me and I know they thought I was a good footballer, that they were expecting me to do well but after that unfortunate tackle they didn't see me in the same light", added Rodríguez, who was fined 10,000 euros and dealt a five-match ban "which ended up being longer because I didn't end up playing for them again".

Jose Rodriguez im Interview

Selten einen Spieler gesehen der dermaßen verblendet ist. Aber sicherlich sind Rouven und Maddin auch noch daran Schuld, dass er selbst in Israel kein Bein auf den Boden bekommen hat!.

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